Stringent Background Screening

//Stringent Background Screening

Stringent Background Screening

US Club Soccer is committed to more stringent background screening beyond a variety of national sources. Our new level of screening includes a direct county/state of residence criminal record search for all counties in which an individual has lived within the past seven years, regardless of whether any “hits” appear on the national database searches.
An additional benefit is the constant monitoring program, which notifies US Club Soccer of changes to an individual’s national criminal history during the time between full background screenings.
This new standard exceeds FCRA requirements.
In conjunction with a higher standard, the screening will be conducted by NAPBS-accredited firms via Sport Ngin’s Verify platform.

US Club Soccer Background screening

•You must complete the background screening application yourself. Your registrar cannot do this for you. Any individual who completes an application on behalf of another individual is also subject to suspension or other discipline, and in addition may be subject to criminal or civil liability.
•US Club Soccer’s background screening is conducted by NAPBS-accredited screening vendors via SportsEngine’s Verify platform. You may be contacted directly by the screening vendor if there are any questions or additional information is needed.
•Passing US Club Soccer’s background screening alone does not mean you are registered with US Club Soccer. Registration is not complete, nor is insurance valid, until a staff passcard or rec registration request is received, paid for, and subsequently approved by US Club Soccer. You may not participate with youth players until these steps are completed.
•Additional information regarding the required Pennsylvania-specific clearances is available via the background screening application.
•The international background screening application is now available for those individuals who do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). A passport is required. The cost of the background screening varies greatly as it is determined based upon your residence history. As such, you must pay for it directly as part of completing the application. There is no club billing option for this international application.
•The background screening turnaround time will increase to an average of 2-3 days, with the specific timeframe varying depending upon certain counties and states. As such, please complete these steps early and allow several days for passcards to be processed during the busy summer registration period.
•The application only needs to be completed once even if you are part of multiple clubs/organizations. You will be able to select multiple clubs as part of the background screening application.

Per US Club Soccer Policy 13.03 –
•US Club Soccer may deny registration to and disqualify any individual, or deny Membership to or otherwise discipline any Club which continues to employ or utilize any individual who either fails to comply with the these registration procedures, falsifies information, completes an application on behalf of another, or as a result of risk management procedures is determined by US Club Soccer to be unfit to continue in his current position, and is thereby disqualified.
•US Club Soccer may use any information and its absolute discretion in determining disqualification, but at a minimum such information may include, without limitation, the following offenses:  any felony, gross misdemeanors, violation of these guidelines, or driving offenses, including loss of license, reckless driving, impaired driving, or a DUI.
•Any person accused of a sexual offense, an offense against a minor, or an offense involving physical violence may be asked to resign voluntarily or may be disqualified by US Club Soccer until the matter is resolved. Regardless of criminal or civil guilt in the alleged abuse, the continued presence of the person could be detrimental to the reputation of the Organization and could be harmful to the participants. A person who is accused but later cleared of charges may apply to be reinstated within the Organization.
•In addition, an individual’s actions may give rise to a suspension instead of a disqualification under the Organization’s Disciplinary Procedures.

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